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The Screen Printing Process (cont.)

Final Curing


When all of the colours have been printed, the shirt is carefully removed from the press and run through another dryer for a final cure. All inks have to be cured to completely dry them and bond them permanently to the fabric. A conveyor dryer is used for this. The shirts are carefully laid on the belt of the dryer where they are carried through the heat tunnel to reach a temperature of 320 degrees.

Upon exiting the dryer, the shirts are complete and ready to wear or be boxed for shipping.


The job is not over though until the clean-up is completed. All excess inks are returned to their containers.

Squeegees and tools are wiped down, cleaned with cleaning solvents and prepared for re-use.

The screens are also wiped down and rinsed with leaners to remove the last traces of ink. An eco-friendly chemical is applied to the screens to dissolve the emulsion and the screens are pressure washed to get them back to their original state - ready to start the process again.

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